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People Always Leave But Sometimes They Come Back

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Nikita..The Show You Should Be Watching

Sometimes I like to pretend like all of you readers out there actually listen to what I have to write…I know what a crazy assumption. If you come to this blog and read what I have to say, thank you, I know like fifty percent of the people who check this happen to be family so hi everyone! Hi Gramma! If you were going to take on thing away from this blog, let it be from this post or until I write another amazing blurb demanding something of you. We should probably get down to brass tacks before I lose any of you.

I write a little bit about television when I feel like it should be recognized and I haven’t given enough praise to one highly underrated show. Continue reading

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Dangerous Liaisons or Crazy Liaisons

So I need to vent about my feelings for tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries. For the majority of people reading this (ie my entire family you probably won’t understand any of this). Continue reading


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The Secret Circle Pilot Recap

The Secret Circle- Pilot


“Destiny is not easy to run from.” Continue reading


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The Only Good Thing About Fall-New Shows

That’s not true. There are a lot of good things about fall: Halloween, candy, Halloween candy, picking apples at the orchard (for the record my favorite apples are Cortland), Thanksgiving, clich√© but seeing the leaves change is pretty amazing…Honestly though for those of us who spend too much time in front of the television fall is one of the best seasons because its the beginning of a whole new crop of shows. Continue reading

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