Dangerous Liaisons or Crazy Liaisons

So I need to vent about my feelings for tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries. For the majority of people reading this (ie my entire family you probably won’t understand any of this).

Ships aside. Whatever. If you know me you know I love Damon and Elena. I have the tattoo to prove it. HA. I don’t. Just joking. I do have fanfiction though.  Leave me alone.

This may be heard to believe but I did really enjoy tonight’s episode (still not sold on the ladies dresses though).  There is just ONE thing I am seeing red about. Stefan and Elena. Yes they have the epic love story, he saved her life several times, he saved hers. They are soulmates the whole shebang. What I don’t understand is Elena’s ability to after like one day for her to forgive Stefan for forcing his blood on her and then almost driving her off the bridge (WHERE SHE ALMOST DIED AND HER PARENTS DIED). What girl? I don’t care how much you love him but like what the fudge. I don’t care about Stefan’s reasons for revenge. THE DUDE ALMOST TURNED YOU (the thing you don’t want the most) and ALMOST killed you in the same place you lost your parents. For a young woman who has seen so much in her lifetime and some of the most horrific things how can you be okay with this?  Don’t worry Elena I still love you but lets try to be a little consistent next time homeskillet cause the hypocrisy is killing me.

These people kill me.
“I care too much, Damon. That’s the problem. I’m the weak link.”

“I got it, Elena. I care too much. I’m a liability.”

Ironic is right. WHAT DOES ANY OF THIS MEAN?!

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2 responses to “Dangerous Liaisons or Crazy Liaisons

  1. onlymystory

    So I thought I’d comment because I think you have a good question there. And I’m going to try and set aside my own favorite shippery-like thoughts and feelings too. I’ll go with two sides of things.
    First, when it comes to Stefan, I think Elena recognizes exactly what Caroline does about Tyler. That while the boys have responsibility for their actions, they were still started down this road because of Klaus. Stefan didn’t straight up say, screw you Elena, I’d rather be an asshole. And while he’s gone about it in horrific ways, he’s been showing more and more lately that he still cares. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be plotting to take Klaus down. I feel like Elena is pushing for Stefan to admit his feelings because he needs to be honest with himself. Admit that he loves her and then work from there. I don’t see Elena jumping to ferris wheel rides and sunshiney happy dates with Stefan but I do see her trying to get him to realize that he has to take the bad with the good if he ever wants to truly move forward.
    You mention that Stefan almost killed her and almost turned her, the one thing he knows she doesn’t want, so how could she be okay with that? But Damon did the exact same thing. Damon has tried to kill Elena and he’s tried to turn her. So if that’s the reasoning behind why Elena can’t forgive or be with Stefan, well then I guess all those people who ship her with Matt or Elijah are onto something.
    I’m not trying to be mean at all, its just I hear that a lot. From both sides. But at this point, Damon and Stefan have done the same things directly to Elena. I’d argue Damon’s hurt the people she loves more but that’s a different tangent. So to say she should like Damon, who only a few episodes ago snapped Alaric’s neck because he was annoyed, but not like Stefan for the same reason doesn’t make sense. I think there’s a level where Elena has to be able to move past what they’ve done and figure out what she can accept. In fact that was hinted at in interviews that Elena’s going to have to figure out if she even wants to date vampires or if that whole thing is just too much to deal with. I do want to be clear that I’m not saying Stefan’s so much better because he has a lot to answer for. I’m just pointing out that the particular reason you bring up doesn’t actually work.
    Okay wow that was a lot.
    And you known what, while I do have a theory on Elena’s comment to Damon, I was flailing so much over Klaroline that I didn’t focus on any Salvatore scenes as much as I would like. So I’ll rewatch and come back for a second post.

    • I meant to address the difference between Stefan and Damon’s actions too. My mind is all wonky after this episode. At least when Damon did something horrific to her, he got a response out of her and she at least “punished” him a bit. With Stefan they had that big blowout, he left her there for Damon to get and the next episode he’s taunting her. Following her and just being a douche. I get that Klaus is the reason he’s playing this game but he doesn’t have to. Like Elena said Stefan still had her, she would have most likely taken him back even after all the Ripper stuff. Stefan didn’t have to take things to the next level, if the whole reason behind his revenge was because of Klaus destroying what they had and Elena was willing to get past that then why wouldn’t Stefan had accept that? I don’t know if any of this is making sense and I’m not trying to hate on Stefan and Elena but there is a level of hypocrisy between the two. Its like Elena expects Damon to be the better man and he’s had her back the entire season when Stefan was off doing whatever but she refuses to see what’s in front of her. Yeah Damon’s done a lot of stupid shit but at least we know that’s in his character. He feels too much. He does reckless things out of pain or whatever. I think I’m just sick of seeing Damon being second best. His father loved Stefan more, Katherine strung them both along, Damon pined after her but she chose Stefan and Elena can’t figure out her own feelings because she’s too afraid to admit that the past year or so she barely knew her boyfriend.

      Damon snapping Jeremy’s neck was awful but he’s still alive. Had Stefan not gotten Klaus to give in, do you think he would drove the car off the bridge? Even without his humanity which I’m still confused about don’t you think that for someone who he loves so much, he would still protect her? Tonight he put protecting Elena on Damon but in the end still watched over her. I think he’s toying with Damon’s feelings for her to benefit his feelings. This probably makes absolutely no sense. Its almost 2AM and I’m a rambling fool.

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