The Secret Circle- Bound Recap

The Secret Circle- Bound

Cassie’s Magic Hotspot

So since we left Cassie last episode she’s been doing the same thing, reading for her family’s magic book which we will now refer to as The Book of Shadows because I say so. After finally getting bored with flipping through her book, she decides to practice a little magic. I don’t think she’s convinced that she’s a witch yet. Maybe for Halloween we can buy her a broomstick and a pointy hat just in case it’s still not clear. These kids and their boring spells because lighting candles with their powers are cool. Cassie starts chanting, “give me light” while staring at the candle in front of her. Anybody else thinking she should just ring Charles up? The guy will have your room on fire in under five minutes!  Then she all but yells for light and bam!

Curtains flew open and it was all ‘let there be light.’ I want a room with that kind of sun exposure, mine definitely doesn’t get enough light.

We switch over to window boy’s house. Nick and Melissa? Together, together! That’s weird. I’m guessing time flew between the time they filmed the pilot and the second episode because Melissa’s hair is longer. Nick kicks her out of his bed because his uncle is a Jesus freak and he’s another word that rhymes with Nick. Poor Melissa. She seems like she has feelings for this jerk. He’s a little weird and a peeping Tom. Awkward staring through Cassie’s window and a friendly wave between the two.  Cassie’s line when she mutters to herself about owning a shirt was priceless. Seriously I was wondering the same thing! In the process of Cassie trying to shut the window, she uses a little too much juice and completely shatters his window.

Not my window! What ever will I stare out from? Will I have to put a shirt because it will be too drafty? Cassie freaks out again and runs out of the room. That girl is always running. Grandma Jane is still fishing for answers from Cassie…Cassie runs in a jean skirt. I thought jean skirts were out of style? Interesting development,  I was out shopping today and I saw several jean skirts on sale. Cassie may be on to something.

The Boathouse..Hopefully no one accidentally drowns on the nasty floor again.

Adam works at the Boathouse before school? What a brave soul! Ethan shows up…sober! Adam begs his dad to make nice with Charles( Diana’s dad). That would be an awkward dinner between the two families. ‘Hey Charles, remember the time you used magic to drown me? Pass the salad!’ I still think its weird that Charles and Diana are related. If I was Diana I would demand a paternity test. I wonder if the town council and his clients (since Charles is a lawyer apparently) know that this guy is crazy!

Granddaddy Henry’s House of Bitter

New character alert! Granddaddy Henry or Faye’s granddaddy and Dawn’s father in law. Who mysteriously returns to town to attend to some business…There’s some bad friction between Dawn and Henry, he reminds her that she is living in his house and not in a nice way. I can see where Faye gets her attitude. I do love that Henry put Dawn in her place a bit cause that woman is up to something bad.

Chance Harbor High School or The Go-to High School to Film at in Vancouver

We are introduced to Sally Matthews (she was a character in the books by the way who was not a fan of the circle) and she should be friends with Diana, those two are the reason student councils exist. Sally offers to help out Cassie and then volunteers Cassie to help out at the fair. I’m still bitter that TV show schools get to have all the fun carnivals and fundraisers. Of course Faye ate babies for breakfast so she interrupts Cassie’s bonding with a normal person and butters her up, trying to influence Cassie into joining her view on the no binding brigade.  Cassie shuts her down, ‘she doesn’t want any part of this’ and she doesn’t want to know Faye. Probably a smart choice.

The two scheming adults (Charles and Dawn) are suspicious of Henry’s arrival, Dawn’s afraid that he might be onto them and isn’t Henry’s biggest fan. She believes that Henry blames her for his son’s death.

I’m confused. This episode seems like it would take place on the first day of school but I guess not…Usually teachers go over the rules on the first day of school but whatever this is a TV show. Again more subtle glances between Adam and Cassie. Just get it on already. This teacher is pretty cool, I like how he translates the word toxic to being dangerous, I forgot this was a classroom full of kindergarteners. Though with Faye in your class it’s probably for the best that you remind her that things are dangerous. Of course Faye and Melissa would choose to exercise their new powers in the science lab with DANGEROUS chemicals a foot away from them. Seriously? What is wrong with these people? By the way…since you are all trying to keep a low profile since witchcraft was banned it might not be a good idea to use magical in such an obvious way. Lets pause for a moment, how is it that these ladies look amazing in lab goggles? I’ve worn them on several occasions and they were embarrassingly ugly. Life is not fair. I love the exchange between Melissa, Cassie, and Faye when Cassie realizes that they are using magic to light her bunsen burner. Faye doesn’t let up and the beaker explodes. Then payback is a bitch…Cassie uses her abilities to make Faye’s beaker explode and set on fire.

And Cassie runs out of the classroom. Way to be suspicious. Oh wait. Adam follows her! Adam offers to help to Cassie control their powers. Together. Alone. Great idea.

The Serial Killer Shack in the Woods

I am just waiting for the day when a realtor and contractor venture into the house while the kids are practicing magic. Since its important that nobody finds out about you guys, Adam, why don’t you do a better job at concealing your magical abilities. They discovered they were witches after Diana found her mother’s Book of Shadows and is the only book they have access to. Witchcraft was abolished after Adam’s mom died, Diana’s mom died, Faye’s dad, Melissa’s mom, and Nick’s parents died. Apparently the official story of their death was a fire on a boat and some didn’t get out, Diana believes that it happened because they didn’t  bind their powers. Binding would limit each member of the circle’s individual magical abilities. Harry Potter reference! Don’t worry Cassie, Adam will show you the good parts of magic.

Covert Meeting at the Boathouse on the Waterfront

Ethan called Henry after Charles tried to kill him the previous night. Henry believes its impossible that Charles used magic since all the members of their circle were stripped of their magic after the boat incident. I love how Ethan says Charles was worried that he would say something stupid to Cassie…I guess talking about things written in the stars doesn’t count as stupid.

Witchy Women Who Don’t Skip Class to Practice Magic

So Adam took the blame for messing up the chemicals…What? That is the worst explanation ever! Adam was on the other side of the room the entire time and couldn’t have done something like that without anybody seeing him. I take back what I said about the teacher, the man is stupid. This town. Diana tries to convince Faye to bind the circle and Faye is vehemently against being linked to the other five. It doesn’t seem that bad. Someone needs to take away that girl’s powers anyway. Faye claims to be great at selfish and dangerous. I would happen to agree. Why can’t she just learn her lesson?

Abandoned Home for Practicing Witches

Sometimes I worry about Cassie, this girl should not be skipping school to work on her magic. She needs to work on her deduction skills. Whatever could these strange plants be used for? Decoration? To improve the ambiance of the room? Duh. Some spells require herbs, Cassie. The question you should be asking is where do these kids get the herbs? And who pays for them? Smart idea, Adam! Lets not use items that could possibly electrocute you. Warning! This scenes contains sexual tension and magical metaphors for raging hormones. They us their magical energy to light a lightbulb. How would this ever help you? Do you go camping with a spare flashlight in your back pocket? This is why they invented electricity and light switches. ‘Feel the flow inside of you.’ I felt like a voyeur watching these two light up a freaking lightbulb…and it explodes. I’m glad none of the glass ended up in their eyes.

The Most Organized Fair I’ve Ever Seen…Sally Should Be Proud

Um Grandma Jane you should have told Cassie to pull her shirt down. Ha, I love when Cassie tells Sally that ‘Faye turned her against Faye.’ Using magic to win a game of ring tossing? Really? Take your magic to Vegas! I guess winning a cheesy stuffed animal is a much better prize. I like how the guy shows up after Faye wins and hands her the dolphin, he’s watching the game off-screen? Granddaddy Henry is creepily watching the magic display from behind a pole. I love this guy. Awkward scene between Cassie and Diana, if I was Diana I would just tell her to back off. Another game of tug of war, this time Diana is pleading to Cassie that she is apart of the circle whether she likes it or not and the circle needs to bind their powers. Diana is always stating the obvious, god bless her. It’s funny how Diana was all for giving Cassie time to grieve and what not but the next day she’s all over her. Chill out woman.

Dropping Magical Acid or Three’s A Crowd

Nick and Faye drink some kind of magical mind altering substance. Melissa is smart and opts out. Nick is still bitter about his window, there’s a lesson in there buddy. I feel bad for Melissa, she’s clearly into Nick but Nick is under the spell of Faye and he looks to Faye for advice about Diana’s constant nagging about binding the circle. I love that Faye says ‘hoohaw.’ So weird and great at the same time. More weird potions. Faye is like the worst friend.

How Long Can Dawn Act Oblivious?

Henry is down to business and cuts to the chase by telling Dawn that Ethan called him about Charles using magic on him. Poor Ethan, always getting the short end of the stick. He has been sober the entire episode! Dawn keeps denying that no one is practicing. Keep lying, girlfriend. Henry knows the children are using magic and swore that he would never let what happened to Dawn’s circle ever happen again. Poor Henry, he’s just sad and angry. Dawn offers to help out. Don’t trust her Henry! By the way, why doesn’t anyone think its strange that Cassie’s mom died in a fire? Put your thinking caps on people!

Aha! Charles is using a crystal to substitute his power. He reluctantly hands over the crystal to Dawn. I don’t know who is more dangerous with this crystal! Dawn or Charles? Someone needs to throw that crystal out into the ocean. (If you read the books, you would know that crystals were featured prominently in them…Each circle member had a crystal that they identified with and were a source of power).  Smart is not giving the crystal to Dawn. Did you see that glint in her eye?

Since When Do People Actually Buy Raffle Tickets?

‘You caught me drinking.’ Oh Ethan. I guess he doesn’t drink often. More about destiny. Woo. Ethan admitted to feeling this overwhelming attraction to Cassie’s mom…Sort of like the feeling between Cassie and Adam. Eh?

Diana’s last resort…using Adam to convince Cassie to bind the circle. Smart move. If I were you Diana, I would not be okay with the focusing and harnessing energy between those two. Cassie questions the physical reactions as Adam puts it between the two of them. By binding the circle the energy would be controlled better. Cassie does not listen ever. I’m pretty sure the binding wouldn’t stop those feelings. Faye compares Adam and Cassie to goldfish stuck together? At the mouth? Color me confused. She tells Diana that she’s two minutes away from losing Adam. Such a lovely person that Faye. Diana fires back by telling her that they are binding the circle tonight and Faye says she needs to prioritize because she has bigger problems. Adam and Cassie, for those of you who are lost.

Seduction and Destruction on the Pier

Nick and Faye dancing. Whoa. Jealous party of Melissa. To bad those daggers in her eyes don’t actually hurt. She deserves better than Nick. Dude has issues. Nick gets too grabby on the dance floor and Faye makes it know that it will never happen. I doubt that.

Oh hey. Phoebe, Faye is from Washington and she’s not from Australia so we should work on hiding that accent. I love your accent by the way! Faye being Faye tries to get Cassie to do magic and when she’s denied, she settles on provoking the blonde. The lights start to  flicker as Faye keeps on pressing those buttons. The worst parlor trick ever starts again when Faye brings on another storm, because that ended so well the last time. As Cassie tries to stop it, Sally ends up in the crosshairs and flies off the pier after a shove from Faye. Yikes.

She could have at least sent her flying into the water and not a patch of rocks. Well…Faye does look upset with herself. Cassie’s ability to calm a panicking crowd is priceless. ‘She’s not breathing!’ Not a problem. The principal shows up with her magic crystal as the ambulance is called and brings the girl back from the dead while Henry watches from above. I told you not to trust her! But she did use the crystal to save a life! Of course Charles being the sweet person he is throws back Dawn’s words at her because she too is wasting the crystal. Seriously? He uses crystals to kill and almost drown people. This guy needs to work on his lack of morals. Dawn kind of redeems herself since she’s against killing innocent children. She smartly so used the daughter card against him, asking him what he would do if Diana was responsible for something like that.

Well nothing breaks up a fun party like a magical incident. We are reminded that Faye is actually human and feels guilty, ‘didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt.’ Aw. I think Faye really likes being special. Cassie speaks up. They must bind the circle so that no one else is hurt. Binding ritual at midnight on the beach. Another book tidbit, they often used the beach as a meeting place for the circle and a place to do rituals.

This Part Sucks.

Henry puts the pieces of the puzzle together and knows that Charles and Dawn must be working together since Charles isn’t that clever. He seems pretty clever to me. He found out about the crystal, too. Genius. Dawn is still upset that she was stripped of her power. Seemed like a logical decision to me. Apparently bad stuff will go down if the circle binds their powers. Uh oh. He’s going to the Elders (interesting!). I wonder if the Elders are a special group or just that generation’s circle. This is just horrible. Dawn uses the crystal to manipulate Henry and he has a heart attack right in front of her. As he gasps for breath, Dawn tells him that she loved his son. Harsh. There goes Henry. I liked him.

Meaningful Reassurances Outside Diana’s House and Guilt Trips

Heart to heart between the couple. Diana breaks down because she doesn’t know what she’s doing and she doesn’t have the answers. I like Diana, she’s so genuine and trusting but she’s not entirely naive. Finally asks Adam is she has anything to worry about with him and Cassie. Adam kisses her and tells her he loves her (I’m guessing that’s a no?)  Make out session ensues.

Dawn lets Faye know that Henry drove back to the lake. I wonder what she did with the body. He is dead right? Dawn’s worried about her image, is that a front for not getting all emotional. Faye needs more hugs. I think killing a girl is a little more than embarrassing though. Too bad we always see a softer side of Faye after something bad happens. Mother/daughter hug.

Adam drives up next to Cassie, a very hitchhiker way. Cassie doesn’t sound too enthusiastic about being friends bound for an eternity. Beggars can’t be choosers. They’ve agreed on being friends and Cassie accepts the ride. I’m glad. I wouldn’t want Cassie walking two miles to beach in heels, alone in this town. Remember that time when our energy was so overpowering that we broke a street light?

I Guess Huge Bonfire/Rituals on the Beach At Midnight is Normal

Great use of music. It did make this whole scene seem like a summoning ritual for a god. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the purpose though. I love that  everyone looks at each other apprehensively. Are we really doing this? Diana uses her Book of Shadows and some fancy words such as ‘bound as one with this oath our journey begins together.’ I thought it would sound more ancient or it would be in Latin. Hmph. And just like that the circle is bound!

So what did you think of the second episode? Sorry for the delay, it has been a long few days! I’m not sure when next week’s recap will be up because I’ll be out-of-town until Sunday. I hope you enjoyed my take on the episode! I would love to hear from you!


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