Absence Makes the Blog Go Quiet

I’m still alive! Sorry for all two of you who read this blog and wondered where I’ve been the past week and a half. I’ve been sorting my life out as much as possible, making important decisions about college and things have just been weird. Not to mention the return of my favorite babes and the arrival of a family member and my sister starting her final year of high school, its been busy. I’ve also started writing again which too priority over the writing I do here. My story has quite the bigger audience! I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend, if anyone can spare a prayer or two or some healing vibes, my adorable weinie dog is the hospital waiting to get a blood transfusion. The vet told my parents that he could have been dead by this evening had we not brought him in.

Back to what I original started this blog for…TV shows! September is here and my TV season starts in a little over a week! I’m pretty damn excited. I made a possible list of shows I’ll be talking about come this fall. I’ll either be recapping or reviewing each episode, recaps will be a long play-by-play of the episode with my thoughts and a review will solely be a reaction piece so more focused on what I thought of the episode. This is a list of the shows I might be discussing, its not completely set in stone but it will most likely include these shows.

The Vampire Dairies- I’ll be reviewing…There are already waaaaaay too many sites who recap the episode (my favorite is Price Peterson at TV.com, he’s hilarious!)

The Secret Circle- Recap…hopefully since this is a new show I’ll be able to bring a fresh perspective to the table and a new voice.

Nikita- Review

Supernatural- Review

Revenge- Recap (all dependsĀ  on how into the show I get though)

Person of Interest- Review

NCIS: LA- Review

Fringe- Review

Hart of Dixie- Recap

New Girl- Recap

Ringer- Recap

Like I said this is not set in stone…this is just what I’m going to try to accomplish but it all depends on how into the show I get. If I decide its not working watching I’ll let you know. Big surprise the majority of shows I’ll be recapping are new from The CW but they are shows I know I’ll probably fall in love with. I’m reviewing more shows than recapping because it will be easier on me. You should be able to expect to see the recaps/reviews by the following afternoon that the show has aired. Let me know if you have any questions or you want to contribute your two cents. I’m always looking for new shows to watch!


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