On the night of September 13, 2005, I was sitting on the edge of parent’s bed waiting impatiently for the new show to come on. The WB premiered a show that would later become a cult hit appropriately named Supernatural.  Anyway I escaped to my parent’s room to watch the frightening show which my mom calls “that scary show I don’t like.” I remember being absolutely captivated with the show’s plot, at the age of twelve I was probably a freak, no doubt I still am. During fourth grade I went through a phase where I wanted to be a witch after becoming addicted to Charmed and the soap opera Passions. My sister and I bought books about witchcraft and books about the show Charmed, even a replica of their Book of Shadows. I really get into shows. Every episode of Supernatural had me gasping in horror or being afraid to go to sleep that night.  Jensen Ackles who portrays Dean, the older brother who loves his car, his family, having fun, a good hunt…his younger brother Sam played by Jared Padalecki, Sam’s the opposite of Dean, studious and wanting to get away from the life he grew up with. These two brothers travel across the country searching for their missing father who disappeared after a hunt. They aren’t ordinary hunters, these hunters kill anything ‘supernatural’ that pose a threat to people. In over a hundred episodes, I’ve watched Sam and Dean salt and burn dead bodies, chase after vengeful spirits, witches, vampires, strigas, creepy ass clowns and scarecrows, mythological deities, wendigos, Bloody Mary, angels…creatures with names I’ll never be able to pronounce. It’s almost been six  years since the show started and I still love it, even more so than I did before. I’m even planning on going to a Supernatural convention in Nashville next year. After all these years Sam and Dean have become like family, I would never actually want to be related to them because well some of the things I’ve thought about would be illegal and gross.


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