How Old Are Your Best Friends?

I’m taking a step away from writing about television tonight. My last post was television heavy and I figured I should bore you about my two best friends. These are the coolest people I know and they are currently on vacation so this post is going to be a cathartic for me because I miss them. Hopefully you do chuckle while reading this…

I’ll introduce my besties by oldest to youngest so that they don’t assume favoritism.

That’s me on the left..and there is Miss Reed!

Reed. There are too many words to describe this little girl who just recently turned four. I’ll throw out a few: funny, way too intelligent for her age, creative, determined, stubborn, Michael Jackson/Lady Gaga/Superhero lover, independent, loud, crazy, and just about every thing else. She’s my neighbor who can climb over our fence in five seconds flat and has no problem walking right into our house and making herself feel at home. She’s a little devil sometimes and she has me, along with several others so far wrapped around her finger that she makes it hard to see straight. She can sweet talk you if she has to or give you a stink eye which I may have accidentally taught her until you are shaking in your boots. Simple things like having the same color flip-flops as I do cause her to smile brightly. When I’m babysitting she almost always requests that I sing Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley’s version is my favorite) and she really has to love the song or me because I can’t sing to save my life. She’ll beg and plead sometimes using a face I taught her to get her what she wants just so that I can push her higher on the swing set in her backyard.  She has a crazy imagination that makes you question what you think is real or not. She picks up everything you say and will surprise you when she repeats something word for word hours later. One day I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up…she looked up at me, smiled and said “a teenager.” I think that’s progress, months before she wanted to be a lion. If she’s quiet for longer than a minute you know something is wrong or she’s about to do something bad. Her dance moves are pure genius and frightening all at once. She’s absolutely fearless. Some of her favorite foods I can’t even pronounce or know the origin of. She used to call Abraham Lincoln…Hammer Benquin. Some days it takes her less than five minutes to drive me crazy but after a big squeeze I usually forgive her. She will probably never know how much me being apart of her life means to me. It has been an amazing journey watching her grow and just enjoy life.

Now this little guy is just as cool as his big sister. Introducing Mr. Beckett…Or Becks. Beckaroni. Buddy.

Clearly he’s very patriotic. Where to start with this little rascal? First of all, he’s much calmer than Reed. He’ll be three in November. He doesn’t know all of his colors yet but can tell you what each construction vehicle is, because of him I know what a Backhoe looks like. He’s the sweetest little kid. One day he came over to my house while I was babysitting and our house is like a treasure hunt when the treasure is candy. There’s always candy at our house and these two can sniff it out if that have to. Beckett went into the dining room and came into the living room holding two Twizzlers. He held out one Twizzler “One for you Reedy.” I let them have the candy. It was too cute. He’s good at sharing and a little shy at first but will talk up a storm after a minute with you. He’s inquisitive, a trait he learned and mastered from his big sister. Sometimes he doesn’t pronounce all the letters or stutters out the first word of a sentence but it’s so adorable that you don’t want him to change ever. He refers to Batman as Batdan. His sister has brainwashed him into loving Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson. He loves to make people smile and laugh. He loves to sleep which is part of the reason why he is so awesome. He’ll eat almost anything and I saw him eat like five slices of pizza and not baby slices like regular slice in one sitting!! It was insanity. I can only eat two and he just crams them in his mouth, no problem. His second home is his little worker store in the backyard where he gets incredibly dirty. I’ve seen him go from squeaky clean to just gross in seconds. A month or so ago I was hanging out with him in his back yard and he was in his worker store. I told him I needed money and that I was broke. He repeated ‘broke’ a few times and I explained to him that I have no money. So he opened the pretend cash register inside his worker store three different times and handed me imaginary money. It was priceless.

Don’t be jealous if my best friends are smaller than yours and cooler. It happens.


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