The Only Good Thing About Fall-New Shows

That’s not true. There are a lot of good things about fall: Halloween, candy, Halloween candy, picking apples at the orchard (for the record my favorite apples are Cortland), Thanksgiving, cliché but seeing the leaves change is pretty amazing…Honestly though for those of us who spend too much time in front of the television fall is one of the best seasons because its the beginning of a whole new crop of shows. Everyone knows about my love affairs with WB/CW shows…I’ve been with The WB since I was teeny and watching shows that a kid my age shouldn’t be watching. Kevin Williamson ruined my 10th birthday with the series finale of Dawson’s Creek. He is the reason there are no pictures from my 10th birthday. I fell in love with so many of the shows it had to offer, Charmed, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Smallville, Supernatural…the list goes on.  I stayed with The WB through their sad downfall and continued to watch my favorite shows on the new network CW. There’s a point to this rambling I swear! Three of the shows that I am most excited about will be debuting on The CW this fall.

You can all laugh at this next part, earlier tonight I took out my calendar of new shows coming this fall and those that are returning, and went through all the new shows I highlighted. Yes, I actually highlighted the new shows I’ll be watching in neon pink and found the ones I’ll definitely be watching come September. So here’s my list of brand-spanking new shows I’ll be watching and most likely glued to…

Ringer (premiering September 13 on The CW- 9PM)
I’ve always loved Sarah Michelle Gellar and two of my favorite leading ladies Nina Dobrev and Anna Torv showed that it is entirely possible to play identical characters. The plot sounds very intriguing. Twins. Stolen Identity. Vanity. Danger. Drugs. Unhappy couples. Guns. Sounds a little frightening too.

The Secret Circle (September 15 on The CW- 9PM)
When I found out Kevin Williamson would be pulling double duty this fall with The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle I had to know how he could betray us like this. Just kidding, I sorta still love you KW (10th birthday). I had heard about it before on Twitter and from friends…I went straight to the source and hesitantly read the series of book the show is based off of. Hesitantly because I wasted like $9 on the first Vampire Diaries book the same author who wrote The Secret Circle books and I was not a fan of the first Vampire Diaries book. Therefore I dropped the books and continued with my addiction to the show. Back to The Secret Circle, the books were surprisingly very good especially for YA books written in the early 90s. Maybe surprisingly very good doesn’t cover it, I finished the series in three days. I would highly recommend reading the books before the show airs. Also another talented cast that includes Britt Robertson who showed us her acting chops in the CW show Life Unexpected.

New Girl (September 20 on Fox- 9PM)
I don’t watch many half an hour shows because most of them are comedies and I’m all for the drama. I’ve made several exceptions in the past (Parks and Recreation and The Office) but I will gladly be watching New Girl because of my girl crush on Zooey Deschanel. She’s just so cute and the show looks like ridiculous amounts of fun.

Unforgettable (September 20 on CBS- 10PM)
It’s no secret that I love strong, female characters and Unforgettable has a strong, female character who remembers everything. Not to mention the lead character Carrie is a detective in New York City who is also trying to remember how her sister was murdered. I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat throughout each episode for sure.

Revenge (September 21 on ABC- 10PM)
Another female lead character who witnessing her family’s murder at a young age and seeks “revenge” on those who were involved. Basically the main character moves to the Hamptons (where the deaths occurred) to solve the murder and get back at a whole bunch of snobby, rich people. Sold.

Charlie’s Angels (September 22 on ABC- 8PM)
I’m not positive about this one but I owe it to Marcos Siega and Paul Sommers to give it a go. Both director and director of photography worked on my favorite show The Vampire Diaries before abandoning it for this modern take on the 70s classic. Did I mention that I love kick-a** women or women kicking-a**? Also Minka Kelly is in it and she has some acting chops on her.

Person of Interest (September 22 on CBS- 9PM)
One word. Jesus. He came back for us!  In the form of the television show, Person of Interest features a whole different aspect of fighting crime à la Batman…Not really Batman but one of the characters is a billionaire and owns a lot of technology that is able to identify future victims of crimes. It kind of is like Batman..Vigilantes fighting crime with their own brand of justice. Also J.J. Abrams wrote the screenplay. That is reason enough to check it out.

A Gifted Man (September 23 on CBS- 8PM)
I have a little crush on Patrick Wilson. Anyway a “gifted” doctor who happens to be an a**hole sees the ghost of his ex-wife and starts to question himself as a person and a doctor. It has a great supporting cast Julie Benz, Jennifer Ehle, Liam Aiken (from Series of Unfortunate Events thank you very much), and Rachelle Lefevre.

Pan Am (September 25 on ABC- 10PM)
Usually I stay away from period dramas even if this was just fifty years ago. I never watched Mad Men because I’m a little bit of a feminist and it offends me.  Out of loyalty to another person who left The Vampire Diaries, Mike Daniels, who is a writer on the new show I’ll be tuning in. Though I do find the plot intriguing…I’ve always wondered about the lives of flight attendants. Especially those outfits…they never seems to wrinkle and how many does on flight attendant own? Or how many of the flight attendants had pilots navigating someplace that ain’t the plane? These are important questions, mind you.

Hart of Dixie (September 26 on The CW- 9PM)
Rachel Bilson. Another one of my many girl crushes. A show about how dreams and life can take you to unexpected places. This definitely has the old WB vibe to it and reminds me of Gilmore Girls. It will be interesting to watch her character grow in a situation that she’s not used to. Big city girl with dreams of becoming a big time surgeon in NYC moves to the South and revives an old clinic in a very small Southern town. Plus one of the character’s name is Lemon, honestly what more could you ask for? She seems as sour as her name too. Absolutely going to fall in love with this show.

Still on the fence when it comes to Grimm and Once Up a Time, I love fairy tales and all that junk but I’ll probably DVR it just to see whether its worth it or not.

Over a thousand words later you have my thoughts on what I’ll be looking forward to this Fall.


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