Suits (the show you should be watching every Thursday night)


credit: heart4rescue

I tried to Google Suits images and the  TV show was lost in a sea of actual suits. I hope the creators/producers/writers etc. are taking note of how much time I spend gushing about their show. I am in no way affiliated with the show i.e. let me work for you! The premise of the show is drug dealer/failure/brilliant young man Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) is taken under the wing of big wig associate Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), a closer (fancy word for a lawyer who gets shit done), at Pearson Hardman where Harvey has worked his way to the top. Ross with his photographic memory and law degrees learns first hand at what it means to be a lawyer while finally putting together a life he always wanted. My vague-ish premise of the show doesn’t do it justice so really you should check your local TV listing or USA network’s website to view the show. The supporting cast is equally as talented as the two leads with a pit bull/HBIC boss Jessica Pearson portrayed by Gina Torres (by the way she made out with Ian Somerhalder). One of the only characters introduced on the show so far that can but tough as nails/smarmy good looking Harvey in his place. Meghan Markle plays a young paralegal who becomes a friend of Mike at the firm (a little piece of trivia I totally want her character Rachel to get together with Mike). Rick Hoffman plays the annoying junior associate Louis who is second best to Harvey and Harvey won’t let him forget it. The gorgeous Sarah Rafferty not only brings humor and dramatics to the show but her character Donna knows the ins and outs of Pearson Hardman and Harvey. Each actor embodies their characters with a certain finesse that not many shows are able to capture. The concept is original, witty, smart, and compelling…each episode brings a new challenge to Mike and the rest of his characters. There’s always the question of will someone find out Harvey and Mike’s dirty little secret (can’t really practice law without a degree now can you?) It constantly draws you in with its involved story lines and assortment of interesting legal cases the characters deal with in each episode. Did I mention my Gramma watches the show and loves it? Plus, Mike was practically raised by his grandmother who makes an appearance on the show several times and those scenes are just special. So did I plead the case correctly? If you’re half as smart as Mike is then you should be watching Suits.

Watch Suits, Thursdays 10/9c on USA


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